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The Liege wafel is different.

Wafels are our passion. Our authentic wafel recipes are perfected, and we can finally share the magic of the Liege-style Belgian waffle with you!

How is the Liege-style Belgian waffle different? The most obvious is how they look. The Liege waffle doesn't have the defined borders traditionally seen in Belgian waffles. We don't do perfect borders.

Perfection is boring, and limitations are meant to be pushed.

The Liege waffle is made from our proprietary wafel dough recipe, not the soupy batter you grew up with. The wafel itself has real Belgian pearl sugar carefully folded into the dough by hand. When that cooks between two Belgian-imported cast irons, the result is fantastic - a soft, flaky wafel on the inside and a little extra sweet crunch of caramelized sugar on the outside.

The best part? You don't even have to soak it in syrup- it's a treat all on its own. If you're feeling adventurous, top it with something sweet or savory. You won't regret it.


Our Fearless


Brandon & Aimee

Aimee and Brandon first tried the Liege wafel during a hiking trip at a local Belgian waffle restaurant out west. From that moment on, and after spending a ridiculous amount of money trying all the different waffles, they started talking about how fantastic the concept would be in Columbus. This 4-hour talk on a cool September day bred the idea of the Belgian Iron, and quickly escalated into a full-on pursuit.  Aimee and Brandon dove right in.

Every evening after their toddler son went to bed, Aimee and Brandon started the grind - developing the right recipes, finding the right people, sourcing the right ingredients. And here we are. And here you are, trying the final wafel recipe that was perfected after many months of constant trial and error wafel dough.  We hope you enjoy this concept as much as we do!


Chef Tom

Executive Chef and General Manager Tom Brown is a Columbus native who joined the Belgian Iron Wafel Company team at its inception. He earned his degree in culinary arts from Johnson & Wales University in Charleston, S.C., and has been practicing the art of creative food preparation in kitchens around Ohio for more than 25 years.

Chef Tom’s cooking experience received an inauspicious start when he was a Boy Scout cooking dinner over an open campfire in the woods. Today, he enjoys creating unexpected, aesthetically pleasing and tantalizing taste experiences for his guests. Tom receives inspiration from a number of sources, including his wife Frankie, a dietitian who suggested gluten-free and vegetarian choices, and his youngest daughter, who insisted on a s’mores wafel on the menu. When he’s not in the kitchen, Tom expresses his creativity in other ways – building a backyard garden for his family, stocking his aquarium with exotic fish and working on one of the many Audi automobiles he has owned over the years.



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